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Very satisfied with the dedication the nurses have. Very helpful towards the rehabilitation exercises that patient required.

Ms Lee, Damansara Utama


How will we know if home nursing is suitable for us?

The service will cater to a broad range of patients. The first will be patients (or the people who care for them) who opt for the service due to time constraints and an aversion to spending large amounts of time getting to and from hospitals, waiting in line for treatment that can otherwise be delivered at home. The second will be patients who have limited mobility and as a matter of necessity, find home nursing a practical solution. And then you have those that simply prefer convalescing in the comfort of their own home.

Will my doctor object to us using your service?

Our service, unlike other providers, is part and parcel of the primary care loop involving the patient, physician, hospital and family. A problem does not arise as care protocols are designed in conjunction with your doctor as required. The doctor is also involved in the information loop through our post-visit reports.

Is your service expensive?

Our rates are designed with affordability and the quality of the service delivered in mind. The care we offer will be delivered by certified nurses and costs may be higher when compared to a service offered by a non-certified nursing aide. However, if we compare the rates to costs associated with time away from the office, loss in productivity (for caregivers of patients) on top of any costs arising from in-patient treatment you'll find that home nursing is a viable alternative.

Are your charges covered by my insurance policies?

More and more policies available in the market do cover home nursing services and those that do not have been known to compensate policy holders when approached. Please speak to your insurance agent for clarification.

Why should we recuperate at home as opposed to staying at the hospital?

Research (1) is starting to indicate that depending on the type of illness, patients generally recover sooner in the comfort of home, among familiar surroundings and loved ones. It's a common knowledge that most of us are quite anxious to return home from hospitalization as soon as possible. Some patients on the other hand may be concerned about being away from the hospital but should remember that their doctors will only discharge patients when it is prudent to do so. A point to note also is that some hospitals do not have the luxury of space or funding to properly quarantine acute patients (some of whom suffer from contagious diseases) from in-patients requiring care for non-contagious illnesses. Hospital-borne disease therefore becomes an issue.

March issue of Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Are your nurses trained?

Yes, all Nurses At Home nurses are state registered nurses who are re-certified each year to ensure that the quality of care is consistently at the highest levels. A point to note is that the relationship we have with our technical partners (medical) ensures that our nurses are equipped and trained in the use of the latest treatment procedures and pharmaceutical products. Our ISO yearly audit probes into the training conducted, competencies achieved and tie back to the quality feedback we ask from every client.

Why you and not any other home nursing service?

Nurses At Home provides a service that is meticulously screened for quality. All processes, treatment and care are subjected to audit by our external auditors. We are also modelled after best practices from the biggest community nursing entities in Singapore, Australia and the U.K. that have been at the forefront of home nursing. Click here to see what you should look for in selecting a Nursing provider.

Do you provide training to domestic helpers?

Yes, we do provide training to families who are already signed up with a package. This service is provided free of charge to help domestic helpers or caregivers manage costs by taking on some aspects of care provided by our nurses. However, not all procedures handled by trained nurses can be handed over. We would recommend using our training service for caregivers and supporting the caregivers with nurse visits. For clarity, caregivers/domestic helpers can be taught about dietary requirements, some aspects of physiotherapy and steps to prevent bed sores. Catheterization and insertion of Rhyles tubes as examples cannot be handled by caregivers/domestic helpers.

Do you provide this service only for specific hospitals?

Not at all. Nurses At Home services are not limited to patients discharged from any one hospital. We have cared for patients from almost every major hospital within the Klang Valley in our 6 years of operation. This includes the biggest private hospitals and many GOVT hospitals like UMMC(PPUM) , HUKM, HKL (GHKL) Hospital Ampang, Hospital Serdang etc. We are recognized as the premier nursing company by all sectors.

What is discharge planning?

Discharge planning is a process that maps out the needs of a patient post-hospitalization. It involves your doctor and home nursing staff and may include a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist. Many patients (and their caregivers) today have very little idea as to the special needs they may have upon returning home from the hospital. The process helps to minimize disruption and hastens the return to an individual's activities of daily living (ADL). It also serves to reduce the chances of re-admission to hospitals by assessing the home environment vis-à-vis the patient's needs.

Is Nurses At Home a for profit set-up?

Nurses At Home is best described as a social enterprise. We believe that the company has to be a business entity as a matter of necessity, meeting the needs of patients in the best way possible with the means available to us at this point. While we would like to offer community nursing to a much broader base, our reach is limited. We have however, begun discussions with the government on ways and means to establish an outreach program that will benefit those who do not have the means to handle the fees.

Do you only look after the aged?

Our range of services caters to all ages – our youngest is a 3 month infant to our oldest a 101 year old great grandmother!

Do you help fill prescriptions?

Yes, delivery of medication is possible but only with a doctor's prescription. One of the aspects of the care we provide at home is to monitor compliance to medication plans to avoid relapses and deterioration of condition and eventually re-admission to hospital. Assessments are regularly conducted to check a patient's cognitive ability to take the right medication at the right amounts.

When can your nurses conduct house visits?

Nurses At Home operating hours are 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Saturday. Our administrative offices close on Sunday's and public holidays. However our nursing operations run 24 hours 7 days a week, 364 days a year so once you are our client we will keep to committed care.

What is your area of coverage at this time?

The key service area covers the entire Klang Valley and most parts of Selangor but we do have presence in major towns in Malaysia namely – Penang, Johor Baru, Kota Kinabalu, Malacca and Ipoh.

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