I have been referring patients under my care to Nurses At Home for 2 years and I have found the quality of care they provide to be consistent and of a high quality. The feedback and updates on my patients ensure that I am able to monitor their progress while they recuperate at home.

Dato' (Dr) Charles Vijayan David
Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialised Nursing Services In Depth

Home Nursing Services

Our service capabilities allow us to offer solutions that bring convenience and overall cost management for those paying for the medical care, both self-paying patients and insurance companies. Our services are delivered through the following options:

  • Nursing Procedures – Visits of 1 to 1.5 hours
    Short visits are provided at a period specified by the client. This is particularly suitable for patients who need wound management, procedures such as feeding tube or catheter changes and even elderly care allowing for morning hygiene activities etc. They can be tailored for days of the week and time of the day to complement your family's needs in caring for your loved ones.
  • Nursing Care Plans – 12 to 24 hour plans
    When patients need extended hours of continuous care - for example bed ridden patients, patients unable to be left alone on their own etc, the services of nurses can be used to provide care over extended periods the client requires. These services are offered in daily, weekly and monthly packages.

Generally, the range of nursing care provided by N@H to Home Care clients with medical conditions includes:

  • Administration of injections, care of central venous line, Tracheostomy, various feeding regimes including various forms of feeding.
  • Wound management from traumas or accidents, diabetic ulcers, bedsores etc.
  • Maintenance of urinary catheters and drainage tubes.
  • Stoma care – Tracheostomy , Colostomy or Ileostomy Care.
  • Pain management as prescribed by patients physician.
  • Insertion of NG tubes and tube feeding, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), including supply of nutrition packages.
  • Assistance with bowel elimination - Enema or manual evacuation.
  • Monitoring patient's vital signs and overall medical condition e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose monitoring, input/output charts etc.
  • Health education for the care giver such as patient's family or maid
  • Assistance in activities of daily living both for elderly patients and patients challenged with temporary disability.
  • Palliative care – Management of terminally ill patients. This may be via pain management regimes, counselling therapy sessions for both the patient and family and sometimes just being there to comfort.

In-Hospital Nursing Services – Private Nurses

Our standards and reputation in the industry have earned us the honor of partner providers to most of the major medical centres in the Klang Valley. Our nurses routinely care for warded patients in hospitals in situations where the family is unable to be present as often or as long as they wish to be due to work or other commitments. We have long standing agreements with the hospitals so that there is no clash of duties between the private nurse and the ward nurse.


We cater for nurse accompaniment services for all needs

  • Accompany patients on hospital appointments. This can be with or without transportation provided.
  • Accompany 'home alone' patients or patients who need over sight to ensure safety or medication compliance.
  • Domestic and international Medical evacuation or transfer with nurse in attendance. We have cared for patients TRAVELLING to China, The USA, Singapore, Thailand etc. We can work with International organizations to assist in medivac.

Care Giver Training and Certification

All our packages come with free care giver training and we will ensure proper transition to your care giver, once you are confident they can handle the patient safely.

In addition we can individually train and certify carers for basic patient care - example sponging, bathing, safe transferring practises with wheelchair and bed bound patients etc. This will be supplemented via nurse supervisory visits as required to track patient progress and care giver effectiveness.

Nursing Solutions for Businesses

Many organizations in the Health Care or Pharmaceutical industries require the services of SRNS to guide, advise and administer nursing care to their clients. With our ISO accreditation we provide complete transparency and auditability of our services – a must for large public listed organizations or MNCs. Further our professional indemnity ensures we have the means of keeping indemnified our clients.We have extensive experience in designing and implementing Comprehensive Patient Support Programs including call centre support for domestic and overseas patients.

Please write to: asoknair@nursesathome.com.my or call 1-300-22-6877 for further information on how our capabilities can enhance your business

New Born Baby Care

Have a new baby in the family??

We can help with our team of experienced, certified nurses:

  1. 1. Provide training for care of new born by experienced nurses eg bathing,breast feeding etc.
  2. 2. Care for special needs babies at home.
  3. 3. Provide much needed respite care so new mothers can take a break.
  4. 4. Night shift care so that new parents can get a good night sleep.

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