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I have had occasion to waited 3 hours to get my mother attended to and considering that Mum requires dressings twice a week for her diabetic foot ulcer, I'm just happy that Nurses At Home is around. It was also impossible to move Mum from house to hospital on my own without relatives to help on.

Datin Rozana Ramli, Retired Teacher

What Our Patients and Clients Say ...

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  • Ms Chan

    Damansara Jaya

    Current N@H reps are very good, friendly and punctual. 

  • Puan Rosnani

    Subang Jaya

    They know their duty and are trustworthy. 

  • Ms Khoo


    Being a bed bound patient recuperating at home for 3 months my parents hired the services of a nurse from N@H to care for me during that duration. Nurse L was assigned to us. She was always polite, greeting everyone when she came. She always carried a positive attitude about with her. Duties were carried in a professional manner, explaining and teaching about things we were unclear about and advising me on the light exercises I could do to prevent muscle wasting. In fact I can say she provided much more than the ward nurses at the hospital. She even made the effort to be present at the hospital during my follow up sessions with the doctor. All of us at home are very grateful for everything she has done to help during my recuperation. We can’t thank you enough Nurse L. 

  • Ms Rose


    They did their best to make the patients feel comfortable and happy. 

  • Ms Lim

    Taman Duta

    Very happy and satisfied with Nurses At Home especially Nurse J who is able to communicate in Mandarin with the patient. She is caring, hard-working and responsible. 

  • Chin Lai Hen

    My experience with Nurses at Home has been excellent. The nursing group is caring and thorough. I had called quite a few companies to enquire about the nursing services and I must say that there was no other company showed more concern about the patient than "Nurses at Home" (as opposed to closing the deal). The nursing manager actually visited my mum before we agreed to secure the services and explained in detail how the process will work. Because of the volatility of my mum's health, I have had to postpone a few times the start date of the nurse but at no point in time was I made to feel bad/guilty that I had cancel the prearranged nursing services. They were most understanding of the entire situation. The nursing care was good, the flexibility and willingness of all parties to work out the best option for the patient was beyond what i expected. 

  • Ms Lee

    Damansara Utama

    Very satisfied with the dedication the nurses have. Very helpful towards the rehabilitation exercises that patient required. 

  • Dr. Suresh George V. Nainan

    MB BCH, BAO (Ireland),FRCS (Ed), MS ORTH (UM), AM (Mal) | Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon

    I have been using the services of Nurses At Home since it began operations in 2002. It has become an invaluable tool for the care of my post discharge patients who need continuing care at home. The feedbacks I get from my patients have been excellent. 

  • Ms Ng


    I am impressed with the prompt feedback/response from the person in charge - (Nurse N). 

  • Mr. Mah, 47

    Eatery operator

    Nurses At Home is a great service. It was convenient, the timing was flexible and the nurses were just as good if not better than any other nurses I have seen before at hospitals. I was able to continue running my eatery as all I needed to do was to stop work for a short time when the nurse arrived. Even better was the fact that all my charges were covered by my Prudential insurance policy. 

  • Puan K

    Taman Setiawangsa

    They care about their patients. 

  • Christine

    Puncak Nusa Kelana

    Nurse F has genuine concern of the patient at heart. She works with compassion and dedication. Gentle at all times and shares information. 

  • Gavin

    Puncak Nusa Kelana

    Compassionate with patient. Job knowledge good. 

  • Datin Rozana Ramli, 60

    Retired teacher

    I have had occasion to waited 3 hours to get my mother attended to and considering that Mum requires dressings twice a week for her diabetic foot ulcer, I'm just happy that Nurses At Home is around. It was also impossible to move Mum from house to hospital on my own without relatives to help on. 

  • Dato' (Dr) Charles Vijayan David

    MBBS, FRCSEd, AM, LLB, DPMT | Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

    I have been referring patients under my care to Nurses At Home for 2 years and I have found the quality of care they provide to be consistent and of a high quality. The feedback and updates on my patients ensure that I am able to monitor their progress while they recuperate at home. 

  • Mr Thiagarajan

    Seri Kembangan

    Responsible, tender and caring! 

  • Mr Gan

    Subang Jaya

    Nurse S is competent, confident reassuring cheerful warm and friendly and I feel I that I am in good hands. 

  • Mr. Rajakumar, 42

    Production Manager

    I was involved in a serious accident after which I had to go through several rounds of surgery. After 27 days my orthopaedic surgeon found me fit for discharge and he referred me to Nurses At Home for follow up wound management. As a result, I was able to return home sooner. The full acute care services at the private hospital was not really necessary at this stage and I was able to save money through early discharge, approved by my doctor. Home nursing has also allowed me to return home earlier and as a result I was able to work from home because my computers, fax machines and telephones were there. My MAA insurance policy covered part of the cost of my home nursing bills and SOCSO is helping out as well. 

  • Puan Zahrah

    Ampang Jaya

    Gentle and caring nurses. 

  • Cik Faridah


    Nurse came despite her tight schedule (although called last minute). Nurse informed I can call her anytime for assistance. Nurse is passionate about her job and is very caring and patient. 

  • Ms Wong


    Care and Love! 

  • Mdm. Atiqah, 68

    Daughter of Mdm. RK

    My mother is a widow who prefers to live on her own while I have four children, one of which was just delivered. My mother suffers from diabetes and has the occasional diabetic ulcer, which requires treatment. I would recommend Nurses At Home as they provided competent treatment in the comfort of my mother's home and provided relief to me from having to manage a young family and coping with my mother's needs at the same time. I saved time from having to move my mother from the house to the hospital. 

  • Ms Schokman


    Very polite and caring and willing to work hard! 

  • Ms Pereira

    Subang Jaya

    Yes very satisfied indeed. I could call anytime with any problem whatsoever and it was taken care of very promptly and professionally. 

  • Ms See

    Damansara Heights

    Professional and very caring with patient. This is the 3rd time (we are receiving) home care services and my sister look forward to meet with the nurse everyday. 

  • Mdm. Ang, 54


    I have always disliked hospitals. Unfortunately, I found myself in one due to rheumatoid arthritis. I found the hospital environment very intimidating and the food was tasteless. When I found out about Nurses At Home I checked with my doctor whether it would be alright to be discharged. I loved the service as they allowed me to go home to recover in my very comfortable home. To top it off, their nurses were also very responsible and punctual. I'd recommend this service to anyone! 

  • Ms Marimuthu

    Kuala Lumpur

    The carer that came to take care of my mom was very caring thoughtful and diligent person. My mom was very comfortable being around her. 

  • Mr. Hiew

    Son of Mr. T.F. Hiew, 76

    Just a short note to say that the Nurses At Home service is an excellent idea. Your care has been excellent; your charges are reasonable and saved me a lot of inconvenience of bringing my father to the hospital. Many thanks for attending to my father at home, who suffered a stroke in March 2005. Once again I wish to say thank you and hope you all can keep up the good work. 

  • Puan Noorkiah

    Ampang Jaya

    The nurses are gentle and reliable to my mother - their patient. 

  • Mr. Yau, 59


    After the coronary bypass surgery, it was very painful moving around and a lot of what I was able to do in the past suddenly became difficult. Nurses At Home was able to provide advice after an assessment visit at my home and helped me get back to normal living by showing me the little things that I could do that would make a big difference in my day to day life. This service allowed me to rejoin my family early and spared me the pain of moving to and from the hospital. My loved ones also did not lose too much time from work. The staff were very professional and efficient in treating me. I'm very pleased and grateful for the good service rendered to me by the kind and gentle nurses. 

  • Dr. Hyzan Mohd Yusof

    Consultant Orthopedic and Traumatology Surgeon

    I have been referring patients under my care to Nurses At Home for 2 years and I have found the quality of the care they provide to be consistent and of a high quality. The profession and warm service is very convenient for my patients and their family. The feedback and updates on my patients ensure that I am able to monitor their progress while they recuperate at home. 

  • Mr. K. R. Manavalan, 75


    After I was discharged from the hospital, I was given follow up treatment by the nurses from Nurses At Home. I truly believe that I got better sooner because of the great care that I got from Nurses At Home and also because I was very happy to be surrounded by my family members. I was a lot more comfortable at home as opposed to the hospital, which I found to be inconvenient. Frankly, home-cooked food is always better as well. I found every nurse working in this firm to be well trained, highly capable and courteous. I recommend this brilliant healthcare team to anyone needing their services. 

  • Mdm.Chang

    Mother of LW, 7.

    Our son is a resident at the P.J. Spastic Center. When he came down with a serious case of Chicken Pox, we were informed to take him out of the home until he recovers so as not to infect the other children. His doctor instructed that he be admitted to the hospital for treatment (intravenous antibiotics) but my husband and I were concerned that we would not be able to continue working and looking after him while he was at the hospital. With Nurses At Home, my husband and I were able to continue working while my family members looked after my son, supported by the nurses. My son responded very well to the nurse who was well trained in communicating with children. We were also very pleasantly surprised to see that the Nurse was also keen to help in other areas besides treatment for the chicken pox; the nurse carried out an assessment that found that my son was suffering from an ear and eye infection. She cleaned the ear and eye and advised that we take him to the doctor for a check and medication. She also reviewed the dietary requirements for my son and taught my mother how to prevent pressure sores. The availability of this service helped us through a difficult time! 

  • Mr. Foo

    Son of Mr. FN, 89

    My aged father has a history of falling due to old age. The doctor treating his fractured left hip referred him to Nurses At Home . He felt that an assessment of the home environment would help to prevent further falls and to prevent a readmission. We were advised on the various safety precautions for the aged, which included the need for a bed railing and a ripple mattress. Over the assessment the nurse also discovered that there was skin breakdown at the Sacrum area and was able to avoid a further deterioration through intervention treatment. My maid was also trained on how to prevent bedsores in the future. Nurses At Home has made a big difference in our lives and I would encourage anyone needing care and treatment to consider their services. 

  • Anonymous, 46

    My husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness and there was nothing very much we could do about it. He was discharged from hospital and advised to seek care from Hospice Malaysia but I preferred to go to Nurses At Home for palliative care; to make his last days as comfortable as possible. I would encourage families to call on Nurses At Home as they made a difference. Our nurse provided pain relief through touch therapy, consultation on dietary requirements and at our request, spiritual care. She also educated the maid on some aspects of care such as tepid sponging in the event of fevers, bathing and cleaning, what symptoms to watch out for; all of which helped in a big way. 

  • Mike

    Son of Mr. Ho, 65

    My father is a creature of habit; he has to have his dim sum breakfast every morning and when he came down with septic arthritis it appeared he would have to change his lifestyle. That was until we discovered Nurses At Home. They were always very accommodating in setting the schedule for treatment so that Dad could indulge his breakfast schedule. 

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